Far-Left ‘Atlantic’ Orders Twitter To Censor Viral #DiedSuddenly Trend

Far-left publication The Atlantic ordered social media giant Twitter to censor users from discussing stories about people who “died suddenly” as a result of taking the experimental Covid-19 vaccines.

Infowars.com reports: An Atlantic article Tuesday honed in on the popularity of the Died Suddenly documentary as well as the viral #DiedSuddenly hashtag as reasons why Twitter owner Elon Musk should police “misinformation.”

The Atlantic also worried about right-wing social media influencers who could amplify memes calling attention to the “died suddenly” trend.

The publication additionally complained the free speech promised by Musk on the platform should not extend to people discussing the vaccine as a possible catalyst for a spate in sudden, unexplained deaths.

The Atlantic‘s latest assault on free speech and the right of the people to freely discuss what they deem important illustrates how the left will simply continue to move the goalpost as they score wins in silencing their opposition.

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