Fauci Moans About ‘Lowlife’ Trolls Harassing His Wife & Children Over Covid Policies

Dr Anthony Fauci, the man who destroyed millions of live with his Covid policies is now crying about ‘lowlife’ trolls harassing his wife and children.

Fauci told the the BBC’s Americast podcast that ‘lowlife’ trolls are harassing his wife and children and are trying to figure out where they live.

“I have good security protection, but I really think it’s so cowardly to harass people who are completely uninvolved, including my children,” Dr. Fauci said.

The Gateway Pundit reports: “These people who troll about, they harass my wife and my children…. he said, calling it “a manifestation of the lowlife that does that.”

“I try my best not to let that distract me,” he said.

Only Fauci is allowed to destroy lives.


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