Fauci’s Retirement Pension Will Be More Than The President’s Salary

Dr. Anthony Fauci is set to net the largest federal retirement package in US history.

This week, Fauci who is director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and President Biden’s Chief medical advisor, announced his retirement effective January 2025.

According to Adam Andrzejewski auditors at OpenTheBooks.com crunched Fauci’s cash pension payout as of his anticipated retirement date.

“Today, Fauci earns a federal salary of $480,654 per year. However, by 2024, Fauci will likely be making $530,000 in salary – an increase of nearly $200,000 since 2014.  

Therefore, we estimate that Fauci’s first year pension payout will exceed $414,000 – more than the salary for the President of the United States ($400,000).


In 2021, in my then-column at Forbes, we first reported that Fauci was the most highly compensated federal employee making $417,608 (2019, last available salary) and then earned $434,312 in 2020. For both years, Fauci was the top-paid federal employee, out earning “the president, four star generals, and roughly 4.3 million of his colleagues.” 

Fauci’s salary then increased to $456,028 (2021) and he makes $480,654 today. We estimate he’ll make $504,686 (2023) and then $529,921 (2024).

So, in December 2021 (published at Forbes), we estimated that Fauci’s pension would exceed $355,000 per year—the most lucrative in federal history. However, Fauci didn’t retire and now the numbers are a lot larger.


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