FBI Continues To Block Requests for Info on Murder of Clinton Whistleblower Seth Rich

The FBI is still covering up and blocking requests for information related to the murder of Clinton whistleblower Seth Rich, who was killed in 2016 shortly after leaking the Clinton emails to WikiLeaks.

A short time after Seth Rich’s murder, the Russia collusion story was created by the Democratic Party to distract attention away from the Clintons and the Wikileaks emails.

Attorney Ty Clevenger is still trying to get at the government’s records regarding Seth Rich but he is being blocked at every turn. 

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: This ruling from the Seth Rich FOIA case is disappointing. Judge Mazzant denied Clevenger’s request for in camera review of the documents withheld by the FBI, but he has not yet ruled on the motions for summary judgment, so he could yet order the FBI to search in other places such as email systems. He also took some swipes at the FBI:

Unfortunately, Clevenger will have to keep fighting to get to the truth behind the FBI’s involvement in the Seth Rich case.

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