FBI Lists Gadsden Flag, 2A, & Revolutionary War Imagery as ‘Extremist’ Symbols

The FBI has issued a memo to agents outlining symbols they say are commonly used by “Anti-Government or Anti-Authority Violent Extremists,” noting specifically “Militia Violent Extremists” (MVE).

The leaked document, given to Project Veritas by an FBI whistleblower, lists numerous symbols, historic references, common phrases, and military networks that Militia Violent Extremists may use.

“The following symbols are used by Anti-Government or Anti-Authority Violent Extremists, specifically Militia Violent Extremists. MVE symbols are often found on propaganda, online platforms, memes, merchandise, group logos, flags, tattoos, uniforms, etc. Widespread use of symbols and quotes from American history, especially the Revolutionary War, exists within MVE networks, Historic and contemporary military themes are common for MVE symbols,” the internal FBI document states.

Thepostmillennial.com reports: The FBI does concede though that “the use or sharing of these symbols alone should not independently be considered evidence of MVE presence or affiliation or serve as an indicator of illegal activity, as many individuals use these symbols for their original, historic meaning, or other non-violent purposes.”

Included in these symbols is “2A,” with the FBI saying, “[Militia Violent Extremists] justify their existence with the Second Amendment, due to their mention of a ‘well regulated Militia,’ as well as the right to bear arms,” “Warrior Culture: Military themes both historical and contemporary,” with the examples of Spartans and Valhalla, and “MolonLabe,” which translates to “come and take it” from Greek.

The document also lists a number of historic symbols, including the Gadsden Flag, the Liberty Tree, the Betsy Ross Flag, as well as Revolutionary War imagery from the American Revolution that gave the nation its freedom.

The FBI lists of a number of “common phrases” used by Militia Violent Extremists, which include “when tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty,” “Well Regulated American Militia,” and “I will not comply.”

The document also lists of a number of people they say Militia Violent Extremists have deemed as martyrs, which includes Ashli Babbitt, who was shot and killed by police inside the Capitol building on January 6, as well as Vicki Weaver, who was shot and killed by the FBI during the siege of Ruby Ridge in 1992, as well as Marvin Heemeyer, made famous during the infamous 2004 “Killdozer” incident.

The FBI also lists off a number of these Militia Violent Extremists, including the Three Percenters and Oathkeepers, events like Waco siege in 1993, as well as people like Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh.

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