FBI Took Top Secret List Containing Names of VIP Pedophiles During Trump Raid

It is one week after the FBI raided President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate and the official narrative from the FBI and DOJ is still failing to add up. There is only one thing for certain when we are dealing with the Deep State — all is not as it seems.

So what was the FBI really after? It seems based on the way the raid on Mar-a-Lago went down that they weren’t simply trying to pin a general charge on a president taking classified documents. Especially considering it was within his rights to do so as the ultimate arbiter of what is classified and what is not.

So it seems the Deep State who command the FBI were after something specific.

During Ghislaine Maxwell’s first interview after being arrested and put in solitary confinement awaiting trial, she made some very peculiar statements. They were so off-the-wall that they were certain to be included in any post-interview write-ups. Here’s what was said in the Daily Mail:

Who would call an imaginary cellmate “A-17”? Some at the time speculated that the placement of the odd phrase was intended to send a message to the outside world, perhaps the powers-that-be who she wanted to alert. The message could have been that she is aware of what’s in “A-17” and that’s why they need to keep her alive.

For months, it’s been a mystery what the term means.

But after a list of contents taken from Mar-a-Lago by the FBI was released, there it was. Item 12 was “Box labeled A-17.”

Is it possible that Donald Trump took documents containing some or all of the dirt on Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine-Maxwell? You better believe it’s possible. Here’s why.

First, we know with a high level of confidence that Epstein had ties with the CIA and Maxwell had ties to Mossad. Some have assumed they were working for the intelligence agencies to collect the dirt. It makes sense.

It also makes sense that if they did, it would be something Trump would be desperate to take with him.

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