Former Olympic Swimmer Speaks Out Against Trans Activists Who ‘Made My Life Hell’

Former Olympic swimmer Sharon Davies has revealed that standing up for women’s rights in sports has led to death threats as well as leaving her financially destitute.

Davies, who has long been outspoken in her opposition to biological men competing against women in swimming and other sports, says she is struggling to keep her career going as a pundit and a sports ambassador because she has been relentlessly attacked by trans ‘activists’.

She aslo says that despite the torrent of hate she has received from the mob, her position outside of sports is not anti-trans.

Summit News reports: In 2016 she and 60 other influential figures in sports lobbied the International Olympic Committee (IOC), asking the body to reevaluate the rules for allowing biological males to compete against women.

Her stance stems from having been robbed of a gold medal at the 1980 Moscow Olympics by an East German team who doped their female swimmers with testosterone.

In an op-ed for Newsweek, Davies notes that “The East German women had been doped with testosterone and put through male puberty. They looked and sounded like men; they had male physiques, male voices, they even had Adam’s apples.”

“I could not stand by and say nothing as another generation misses out on what’s rightfully theirs,” Davies says.

She adds, “The reason I am so vocal about the trans issue is because you’re now asking the next generation of females to go through what I went through: start a race with somebody next to you who you know has an unfair advantage.”

Now she says that employers, charities and agents she has worked with for decades are dropping her under pressure from the angry trans mob.

“There’s been so much hate and bullying,” the British swimming medalist and MBE told You magazine.

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