Formerly Healthy Man Suffered Seizures, Blood Clot & Heart Damage After Covid Jab

Christopher J. Williams has described his horrific experience after being coerced into getting the Covid-19 jab.

Mr. Williams from Swansea in Wales claimed that he suffered from a blood clot, brain fog, seizures, chronic fatigue, tachycardia, high blood, joint muscle pain, tremors, severe headaches, speech problems, heart palpitations, pains in the chest, tinnitus, and night sweats just two weeks after receiving the AstraZeneca ‘vaccine’.

He has now been classified as disabled because of the ‘vaccine’.

The Gateway Pundit reports: William took the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine last March 2021, which is known as a viral vector vaccine, and the ‘mRNA’ COVID-19 vaccine after he was declined for an exemption.

With his neck pulsing and could hardly breathe and walk, William made an appointment with his doctor. The doctor diagnosed his condition as anxiety. Two days after being told he had an anxiety disorder, he paid to see a cardiologist because he was skeptical of the diagnosis. The second doctor diagnosed him with heart failure.

Watch the video below:

“Due to my job, I thought it was the right choice. I’m showing the damage it has done to me, and I am now classed as disabled because of the [vaccine], I get called anti-vax, [but] I had it, and the abuse I get is horrendous & nasty,” said Williams.

“My work involved build works for disabled external pit lifts, and internal build works, widening doors for wheelchair access, etc. Basically working with people with health issues and disabilities, I had it as I thought I was doing the right thing for the clients I was helping,” he responded.

Here is Mr. William’s full story of his suffering from the adverse reaction he experienced after receiving the COVID shot:

Well, they let me out for my Birthday after 10 days in hospital, this is what I have been going through 3 weeks after my AZ since March 2021. 17 months of hell and it just gets worse, have had some good days, but as they say it’s very rare.

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