Founder Of ‘Informed Consent Matters’ Writes Open Letter To Piers Morgan & Jeremy Vine

Miriam Finch, founder of Informed Consent Matters has written an open letter to well known and outspoken pro-covid vaccine TV

Informed Consent Matters is an independent information service, giving evidence-based information on vaccines, masks, tests, and lockdowns, and other public health initiatives.”

During the pandemic Piers Morgan and Jeremy Vine were extremely vocal about their pro covid vaccine stance.

Is it a mere coincidence that following recent revelations, both appear to have changed their views about the vaccines or have at least stopped aiming their vitirol at people they previously referred to as ‘antivaxxers’

Here is Miriams letter in full:

Dear Mssrs. Morgan and Vine,

I would normally commence such a correspondence with the pleasantry, ‘I hope this finds you well’, but given this did not appear to be a sentiment either of you nurtured for vast swathes of the UK and global populations throughout “the pandemic” who chose to remain unvaccinated (of which I am one), I feel it would be a little disingenuous on my part.

I am writing to you today regarding the vaccination issue, and, in particular, the sudden about-face both of you are currently undertaking, with your baffling silence both on the new “booster” (more of which later), and the news being reported around the world regarding your friend and colleague, Dr. Aseem Malhotra, and his stark warnings about the dangers of Covid vaccination.

In recent weeks, Dr. Malhotra has hosted a major press conference on this issue, addressed parliament (upon their request), as well as having appeared on GB News in the UK and Fox News in the USA. So I think we can safely assume that this issue has not passed you by. Indeed, Dr. Malhotra assures us that you, Mr. Vine – in quite dramatic contrast to your previous position – are now “open minded to hear both sides” on the issue.

Meanwhile you, Mr. Morgan, have now conceded you made a number of profound errors regarding your (apparently very limited) comprehension of the science behind the vaccine, and, indeed, you have now publicly declared that “anti-vaxxers are right about everything“. I realise that this comment was an attempt at sarcasm, perhaps even humour, but it is certainly not a remark you would ever have made – even in jest – at the height of “the pandemic”, where you consistently used your huge platform and enormous influence to vilify and dehumanise so-called “anti-vaxxers” (e.g., people who exercise their own bodily autonomy and critical thinking faculties) in the strongest terms possible.

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