Fully Jabbed Al Roker Hospitalised for Blood Clots – Doctors Baffled

Fully jabbed NBC Today show host Al Roker has been hospitalized due to blood clots, according to reports.

Roker, who tested positive for COVID in September even though he has been fully vaccinted and boosted, admitted on social media he had blood clots that traveled to his lungs from a clot in one of his legs.

“So many of you have been thoughtfully asking where I’ve been. Last week I was admitted to the hospital w/blood clot in my leg which sent some clots into my lungs. I am so fortunate to be getting terrific care and on the way to recovery. Thanks for all the well wishes & prayers.”

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: Roker was an early recipient of the COVID-19 vaccine in January 2021, getting his shot on live TV on the Today Show:

Roker said in September that he had tested positive for COVID a week after being boosted. Roker said his symptoms were mild.

Two years ago Roker announced he was being treated for prostate cancer. Roker has been public with his myriad health issues, recently saying he was looking at a third knee replacement surgery. Over the years Rokaer has had gastric bypass surgery, shoulder surgery, hip replacement and knee replacement surgeries according to Health Digest.

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