Fully Jabbed Mom Horrified after Baby’s Arm Amputated Due to Blood Clots Suffered the Womb

A toddler who survived blood clots in his brain and left arm in the womb had to have his arm amputated shortly after being born, leaving his fully jabbed mother horrified at the ordeal.

Born by emergency caesarean at 37 weeks on 11 July 2021 with a “bruised and blistered” left arm, after the limb was removed a further MRI scan revealed that Zack Reilly had also suffered a stroke in the womb before he was born, causing brain damage.

Hulldailymail.co.uk reports: But the beaming boy has adapted brilliantly – celebrating turning one at a family barbecue as well as enjoying his first week at nursery, to the delight of his proud parents Royal Navy assistant careers advisor, Libby Francis, 29, and telecoms engineer, Owen Reilly, 28. Libby, who lives in Hull, East Yorkshire, said: “For the first few weeks of Zack’s life it felt like one thing after another was going wrong. It was just heartbreaking.”

She added: “But seeing how happy he is now, we are so grateful. We love him to bits and we wouldn’t change him for the world.” After meeting Owen in the Navy in 2016, Libby enjoyed a smooth pregnancy with Zack until the final weeks.

She said: “We were so excited about finally meeting Zack. But I started feeling these sharp cramps in my stomach on July 10 2021, which I thought were contractions.”

Libby added: “We rang the hospital saying we thought it might be contractions, but they said it didn’t sound like I was ready to come in yet. Then, the next day they became worse and were so painful I couldn’t feel if he was moving or not, so they said we should come in.”

Monitoring Zack’s heart, the doctors quickly realised something was wrong and sent Libby in for an emergency caesarean on July 11. While Zack was safely delivered, weighing 6lb 6oz, it was clear something was very wrong with his arm.

Libby said: “It happened so quickly and I was so scared he wouldn’t be okay. “I was really happy when he was born that they’d got him out in time.

“I hadn’t seen his arm at this point, but Owen had and it looked black and bruised.” Zack was whisked away to intensive care from Hull Royal Infirmary where he was born after Owen had a brief cuddle and before Libby had even held him, only for them to be told he had suffered a blood clot in the arm.

Libby said: “It was so scary but seeing him for the first time, I just fell in love. Touching his hand through the little hole in his incubator was amazing, but I was gutted not to be able to hold him.”

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