Funeral Homes In Fully-Vaccinated Norway ‘Overwhelmed’ With Corpses

Funeral homes in fully-vaccinated Norway are being flooded with vaccinated corpses as a result of Norway’s skyrocketing excess mortality rate. Norway is one of the most heavily vaccinated countries in the world, with the average Norwegian having received more than two Covid-19 jabs.

The number of people needing funeral services in Trondheim City, Central Norway, has risen dramatically in the past twelve months, according to the local newspaper Dagbladet Trondheim.

Lars Svanholm, the fourth-generation general manager of Trondheim’s largest funeral home, Svanholm & Vigdal Gravferd, has said that the funeral home’s century-long history has never seen anything like the current number of deaths.

“It is a marked increase, and we have not experienced anything like it in four generations,” Lars Svanholm told Dagbladet.

GWP reports: Svanholm believes that the funeral home has seen a 30 percent increase in deaths this year compared to last year. “We have not had such an increase since the company started in 1922,” said Svanholm to local TV.

In order to deal with the increasing number of dead, they have opened a cool emergency room in a garage. Capacity constraints forced families to wait more than two weeks to bury their loved ones.

“Garages like this are used as stretcher rooms when demand is high. Then the cars are driven out, and cooling systems are installed,” said TV2.

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The constantly high demand has had unusual consequences for Svanholm and the agency’s 26 employees.

“For us, it has created enormous challenges with everything from refrigerator capacity to access to ceremony rooms, so there has been some waiting time for survivors,” says Svanholm.

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