George Clooney Feels ‘Exhausted’ After ‘Pushing Himself To The Limit’

Grumpy old man alert? George Clooney may joke that 60 is the new 50, but as he stares down his milestone May birthday, the A-lister’s batteries are running low. 

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, who’s been hard at work directing his new drama, The Tender Bar — in which he also costars with Ben Affleck — “has been himself to the . He’s and can get worked up about the smallest things,” spills a spy. “He may joke around with reporters and fans, but he’s finding all this running around a lot harder than he lets on.” 

Making matters worse, Clooney “hates being separated” from his wife, Amal, 43, and their twins Ella and Alexander, 3, who remained at their L.A. estate while he’s stuck shooting in Boston, the insider adds.”

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may not have to keep up with the kids, but he’s still wiped out at the end of the day and is hardly getting any sleep,” continues the insider. “Of course, he tries to keep up a good attitude, but there are moments he’s cranky as hell.”

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Clooney may want to rest up while he can as he may be looking to expand his family. As OK! previously reported, the actor has let his inner circle know that he “plans on being a dad again.” He has hinted to his pals that a new baby could arrive sometime after his 60th birthday, which happens to be May 6.

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According to the insider, if it were up to Clooney, “he’d have a whole soccer team.” 

“He and Amal aren’t getting any younger so they want to get on it as soon as possible,” the insider explained.

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