George W. Bush, Whose Wars Cost 480K Lives, Urges Congress To Continue Funding Ukraine War

Former President George W. Bush, who led the United States into wars across the Middle East and Afghanistan at the cost of at least 480,000 lives including thousands of Americans,

Bush Jr. and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy will hold a virtual conversation on Friday urging House Republicans to continue to fund the bloody War against Russia in Ukraine. The US has already sent more than $54 billion to Ukraine despite a deeply negative economic outlook at home under the Biden administration.

It’s not the first time in recent memory that Bush Jr. has called for more war. In 2019, Bush Jr. teamed up with former President Bill Clinton to attack President Trump on Wednesday, arguing that wars are necessaryfor the sake of peace.”

Bush, whose father George H.W. Bush openly called for a “New World Order” in a 1991 speech, used “doublespeak” worthy of Orwell while attacking Trump’s peaceful foreign policy.

Bush led the U.S. into war in Afghanistan and Iraq with deadly consequences for peace and stability in the region and at the cost of thousands of American lives.

More than 4,500 Americans died in Iraq — including more than 3,500 killed in active combat — and up to 205,000 Iraqi citizens died in his bloody war since it began in March 2003.

In total, Bush’s wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and intervention in Pakistan have resulted in the deaths of between 480,000 and 507,000 people — including nearly 7,000 American soldiers who were deployed to the Middle East hotspots.

Today, the vast majority of American veterans and U.S. citizens say that Bush’s wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were “not worth fighting”, according to a recent Pew Research Center survey. Likewise, nearly six-in-ten Americans say U.S. military intervention in Syria is “not worth fighting” or risking more American lives.

In 2020, a painting showing George W. Bush in the Oval Office playing with paper airplanes in front of two collapsed Jenga Towers was found in Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan mansion.

The painting of Bill Clinton wearing a blue dress while lounging in a chair wearing red high heels has been seen by millions, but few have seen the unsettling George W. Bush painting.

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