Geraldo Rivera Details Spending The Day With Charles Manson In 1988

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The story usually starts the night the family invaded Polanski and Tate’s home. But I wanted to go back farther than normal to examine the enigmatic, deeply flawed, and fascinating character of Polanski. Few know the loss he suffered at the hands of the Nazis decades before ever crossing the dark path strode by Manson and his demon hippie children on a hot August night in 1969.

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These days, it’s hard to get close to a killer, let alone one like Manson. But in 1988, the rules were different, and Manson and I were next to one another, only inches apart. I could smell his breath and feel up close the evil aura he projected.

He threatened to kill me that . But I swore to myself I’d never be intimidated by him, and I stood my ground. Manson has been covered quite a bit over the years but I promise you’ve never seen the story told this way, through the eyes of Polanski, who senselessly lost his wife and unborn child to a set of serial killers rampaging through the dark streets of Los Angeles.


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