German Finance Minister Orders Businesses To Stop Trading This Winter; Insists They Won’t Go Bankrupt

German Economic Minister Robert Habeck has ordered businesses to cease trading this winter, while promising that they will not go bankrupt.

Looking like a deer in the headlights, Habeck appeared on television attempting to explain how non-trading businesses won’t suffer bankruptcies.

During a car crash interview on Maischberger, Habeck was trying to make the argument that businesses across the country won’t go into insolvency this winter despite being forced by the tyrannical German government not to produce anymore due to energy shortages brought on by sanctions against Russia.

“Do you expect a wave of bankruptcies at the end of this winter?” host Sandra Maischberger asked Habeck.

“No, I will not do that. I can imagine that certain industries will simply stop producing for a while, not go bankrupt,” Habeck declared. reports: Habeck said “there is a reluctance to buy” because items are now “twice as expensive”, which could result in businesses being forced to stop producing goods.

“Then they’re not automatically bankrupt, but they might stop selling,” he admitted.

Maischberg exposed the economic minister’s shocking lack of economic knowledge by stating the obvious: if businesses stop selling goods, they no longer make money, and therefore will go bankrupt.

“If I stop selling, then I don’t earn any money,” Maischberger pointed out. “Then I have to file for bankruptcy after two months, if I haven’t done so, I’ve delayed bankruptcy.”

Habeck agreed, saying, “You would then become insolvent if you made bigger and bigger minuses with your work.”

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