German Health Minister Wants Vaccine Passports Colour Coded For Compliance

Germany’s Health Minister Minister Karl Lauterbach said that he wants vaccine passports are to be colour coded for compliance…..just like China

Lauterbach announced that Germany’s digital contact tracing and vaccine passport app, Corona-Warn-App (“CWA”), will start assigning different colours to citizens based on their vaccination status, meaning whether they received a Covid-19 vaccine within the last three months.

Expose-News reports: The CWA will assign one colour to citizens who add proof that they received a vaccine within the last three months and a different colour to citizens who add proof of vaccination that’s more than three months old. Only those with the colour showing that they’re “freshly vaccinated” (have received a vaccine within the last three months) will be exempt from Germany’s mask requirement in public indoor spaces.

Other citizens, including those who received multiple vaccines but had their last vaccine more than three months ago, will have to show proof of recent recovery from Covid or a current negative test to get an exemption from this mask requirement.

Attaching a video clip of Lauterbach, in German, Stefan Homburg tweeted:

Germany’s Berliner Zeitung noted that the colour codes in the vaccine passport app would “give different rights in the future” and said the system would put citizens who are already quadruple vaccinated on the same legal footing as those who are unvaccinated.

Berliner Zeitung also reported that this new German vaccine passport system would be similar to China’s colour code vaccine passport system. China’s system assigns a green, yellow, or red code to citizens. Those with a green code are allowed to move freely, those with a yellow code may be asked to stay home for seven days, and those with a red code have to quarantine for two weeks.

Despite moving to this colour code vaccine passport system, Lauterbach has admitted that the goalposts could shift at any time and that if too many freshly vaccinated people make use of the mask exception, Germany will change the rules and close the exception.

Lauterbach, who is quadruple vaccinated, announced this new colour code vaccine passport system four days after he contracted Covid. The new vaccine passport system is being introduced as part of Germany’s “Infection Protection Act.”

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