Get Ready To Lose Your Lunch When You Watch This Guy Pull Off A Dead Toenail

Not much is worse than that horribly painful feeling of dropping something heavy on your toe, but what this guy did to his toenail comes pretty damn close.

He was pumping iron at the gym when he has the misfortune of losing his grip on a weight, which came plummeting down to crush his big toenail. When he saw that it was about a month later, he decided to have some fun by recording himself ripping it off so he could torture the unfortunate souls who would end up watching his cringeworthy video. Prepare yourselves, because this is about to get super nasty.

Gagging forever over here.

I can’t be the only one who’s feeling a little traumatized right now. Share this nauseating video with others if you want to spread the madness.


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