Girl Puts Two Friends On Blast For Taking $20 To Blow Her Boyfriend

Hold up hold up, HOLD UP! How is the boyfriend here just getting off as the good guy for screenshotting this after it all went down and showing her? This is such a twisted world. He STILL GOT THE DOUBLE BJ!

There is a lot to unpack here with this post. 18 total screenshots that all went down public… Facebook got a wonderful train wreck dropped on them.

The girlfriend wrote: “This is *friends name* agreeing to give her BF a double BJ… Yep I said double.

She then goes on to talk about how nasty the girl is, again leaving out the fact that it totally seems like her BF has done something like this before.

Check out the first public blasting.


Don’t worry the pics from here are all enlarged below.

This is where the dude snitches on himself? Or her friend knew about it and was going to snitch on him? It is all confusing but again, this is all taking place on a public Facebook post for everyone to enjoy.

Update… This is the Orginal poster getting screenshots from another girl he hit up, then putting her on blast as well…

The logic is low.

here comes the shit storm in the comments…

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