Grandmother Banned from Community Pool for Complaining about Pedophile Watching Little Girls Undress in Locker Room

An 80-year-old woman has been banned from using her YMCA community pool after she complained about a pedophile man dressed in a woman’s swimsuit spying on little girls in the locker room.

The biological male, who says he identifies as a woman, was caught walking around the locker room staring at naked underage girls. reports: After swimming at the YMCA’s Mountain View pool on July 26, as she has regularly for 35 years, 80-year-old Julie Jaman headed to the locker room to shower. While bathing,  she heard a man’s voice. She turned around to find a biological male, Clementine Adams, watching “the little girls as they were taking of their suits,” the Port Townsend Free press reports.

Jaman then confronted Adams, an employee at the pool.

“There were gaps in the curtains and there I was, naked, with soap and water on me, and this guy right there very close to me,” Jaman explained. ” I asked, ‘Do you have a penis?’ He said, ‘That’s none of your business.’ That’s when I told him, ‘Get out of here, right now.”

Jaman then asked a female employee, the YMCA’s aquatics manager Rowen DeLuna, who was standing outside of the shower stall to, “Get him out of here.”

In response DeLuna lashed out at the 80-year-old woman and tried to have her arrested.

“You’re discriminating and you can’t use the pool anymore and I’m calling the police,” DeLuna scolded.

Jaman maintains that she got dressed and when she attempted to leave the building she was informed by DeLuna another YMCA staffer that she couldn’t not leave.

“Bullshit!” Jaman shot back, as the YMCA staffers attempted to hold her captive in the building. “I’m going to the police right now. I want help and I need it immediately.”

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