Hammer Hoax: Democrat Operatives Fabricated ‘Far-Right’ Websites Attributed to David DePape

The mainstream media immediately attributed two fake ‘far-right’ websites to David DePape – the man arrested for allegedly attacking Paul Pelosi with a hammer on Friday. However, this all appears to be yet another Democrat hate hoax.

Both David DePape and Paul Pelosi were both found naked early Friday morning by police at Paul and Nancy’s home in San Francisco.  The mainstream media immediately tried to cover-up the odd circumstances surrounding DePape’s arrest, ignoring the fact that they were both high and naked, and instead trying to reframe the incident as some kind of hate crime. But their reports were all lies.

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: There are numerous questions related to this case already.

In addition, the media tried to frame DePape as a conservative based on websites that were reportedly his.  DePape was homeless and a drug addict but the media insisted he was running a conservative website?  Makes perfect sense.

FOX News reported on the websites reportedly connected to DePape:

The LA Times also reported as well on the websites.

The Times went on to say:

The problem is the websites cited by the mainstream media that were supposedly aligned with DePape were created on Friday and they are no longer active today, Saturday.

The site Godisloving.wordpress.com was opened on Friday and shut down on Saturday.

If you try to link to it now, you will find it has been shut down.

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