‘He Was Some Sort of Sex Slave’: Son of Alleged Pelosi Attacker Speaks Out

The son of the man charged with the attempted murder of Paul Pelosi is speaking out and his account contradicts everything the mainstream media has been trying to promote.

Nebosvod “Sky” Gonzalez described his father David DePape as a man traumatized from a lifetime of abuse, speaking in an interview with the Daily Mail published Wednesday.

“There is almost no person on this planet that has gone through so much suffering,” Gonalez said of DePape.

The 19-year-old refutes the mainstream media narrative and doubts prosecutors’ charges against DePape, refusing to believe that his father attacked the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“For all that we know he was some sort of sex slave, as Elon Musk pointed out,” Gonzalez said of his father — referencing a since-deleted Musk tweet.

That’s quite the take on the situation, especially considering it’s coming from the guy’s own son.

Musk didn’t go so far as to claim DePape was a “sex slave,” but he did share a since-removed article from the Santa Monica Observer that theorized DePape and Paul Pelosi were in a sexual relationship.

Western Journal report: Gonzalez further rejected the idea that DePape was a right wing political fanatic — a claim leveled by progressives in an attempt to chalk up the alleged attack to partisan politics. “My father had progressive views,” Gonzalez said of DePape.“He believed in human rights, equality, and justice. He was against the war, he was a peace activist, hardly a right-wing conservative, as he has been branded.”

The guy just so happens to be a Canadian illegal immigrant and a hemp-jewelry-making nudist activist.

The spitting image of a hardened conservative, right?

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