Here’s What Nancy McKeon Has Been Up To

You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have… one awesome holiday special. Lifetime is going heavy on the 1980s nostalgia with a Facts of Life reunion of sorts. While You Light Up My Christmas isn’t a true reunion that takes place in the universe of the sitcom, it does feature the four living stars of the show since its inception.

The movie’s executive producer and main star is Kim Fields, who played Tootie on Facts of Life for the show’s entire run, and the former child star could help but get the rest of Mrs. Garrett’s old charges together to join the cast of the made-for-TV movie.  

However, a photo of three of the four girls has some fans wondering is Nancy McKeon, AKA Jo, isn’t part of the reunion. But never fear — she’s involved!

So where is Jo from Facts of Life now?

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