HGTV Star Egypt Sherrod Reveals What’s On Her Bucket List

It’s no secret that HGTV Egypt Sherrod has a jam-packed résumé — real estate broker, entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, motivational speaker, to name a few — and she still has some things she hopes to accomplish in the future

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“People often come to me for advice on real estate or wealth, like how did I create multiple streams of income? I have been there, done that, so I want to continue to educate people about that, but now I want to be a vessel to challenge people to create multiple streams of joy,” the 44-year-old exclusively tells OK! while promoting her partnership with Command Brand

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She continues, “If we’ve learned nothing else from this very trying last year or so is that tomorrow is not promised, and we have to prioritize our happiness – we can’t put our happiness on a sale rack!” 

Ultimately, the Rock the Block star doesn’t want to just focus on her accomplishments, but rather, inspire others. “Wherever I can, even for things like this, sometimes it’s just pictures on social media of me doing something fun or creating a safe space or talking about things that move me or make me happy, I allow myself to explore that, not just be all about business because life can’t be all about business.” 

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There is one thing that Sherrod hopes to eventually cross off her , though. 

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“I am working on a new show on right now, and I love them. They have been an amazing partner for the last decade. Also, little known fact, I went to school for theater early on so a small part of me wants to do more film,” she . “I have always watched for years Law & Order. I would love to be a bad guy on Law & Order. I would love to play the villain.”

During the pandemic, Sherrod has been keeping herself busy — from hanging out with her kids to working, there hasn’t been a dull moment. So, when she needed to escape, she turned her closet into her own space where she can work, relax and take a moment to just be by herself.

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“I have my Moroccan poofs, I have my twinkle lights in here and some of my plants,” she shares. “I come in, I do my meditation, I do my prayers and my daily gratitude and my daily releases in here. It’s like how I start and end my day, but what I noticed is I used a lot of the Command Brand products when I was designing the space because they are really non-committal. They take no tools, are damage free and hold strongly.”


Source: COMMAND Brand

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Now, the mom-of-three has partnered with Command Brand to help turn any small space into your own home getaway so you can relax and unwind without ever leaving your home. Consumers can enter for a chance to win a small space makeover ($5,000 and assortment of Command Brand products) and a design consultation with Egypt at through April 23.

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