House Sergeant at Arms Admits J6 Response Would Have Been ’Vastly Different if Rioters Were Black

The Capitol police response to the Jan 6 protest would have looked vastly different if the rioters had been black, according to House sergeant at arms William Walker.

Per NBC News, “Jan. 6 response would have been ‘vastly different’ if rioters were Black, House sergeant at arms told investigators”: reports: I agree it would have been vastly different. 

The feds would have taken a knee.

Corporate American would have donated $1.7 billion to their cause and Kamala Harris would have touted their bail fund.

NBC News continues:

Five Trump supporters died on Jan 6 compared to zero police.

Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed, white veteran of the Air Force, was shot in the neck by the cowardly Capitol police officer Lt. Michael Byrd, who was black.

There wouldn’t have been any bloodshed on January 6th if Byrd didn’t execute Babbitt. 

No other cops felt it necessary to shoot any of the other unarmed Trump supporters who arrived that day (evidence suggests other Trump supporters may have died as a result of heart attacks induced by police flashbanging the elderly crowds).

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