How Big Businesses Are Conditioning the Public To Accept a Chinese-Style Social Credit System

Big businesses are conditioning the general public into accepting a Chinese-style social credit system in the West as part of the rollout of the ‘Great Reset’.

In a truly remarkable and brazen gaslighting of people’s rights and freedoms, ABC Finance Limited conducted a survey before the pandemic asking how citizens in Britain viewed the idea of social credit scoring. 

ABC Finance is a privately owned business founded in 2000 and based in Staffordshire, UK. It arranges property finance for commercial and residential buildings. With less than 10 employees it boasts a focus on a “family business mentality of caring” for its customers. reports: Most would argue that the removal of all rights and freedoms through a Chinese-style social credit score is not a “mentality of caring.” But from the appearance of their survey, ‘Is the UK Ready for a Social Credit System?’, this seems to be what they are promoting.

“Set to become standard practice by 2020” implies this survey was done before 2020, at a time when even the UK government appeared to value individual rights and freedoms.  How many of us were aware that a Chinese-style social credit system was under consideration in Europe before the implementation of the Covid arm of the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

ABC Finance goes on to tell us what plans were under consideration at that time:

So, ABC Finance surveyed to gauge if the UK was ready for it, not to gauge whether the public agreed with it or not but on the basis that it was a fait accompli.

There is no indication of how many people participated, how the survey was conducted, whether the respondents covered a cross-section of society or where the respondents lived.  Without this basic information, it is not possible to say whether 5 or 500 people participated, if they all worked for ABC Finance or if they previously lived, or still live, in China, for example. We could even speculate that no survey was conducted and that the results were fabricated to promote an ideology. Bearing this in mind, they claimed:

ABC Finance’s graphic of the survey results summary used the, by now, very familiar brand images.

According to their blog, ABC Finance asked a series of questions to determine how respondents would perform if the social credit system was brought into force.  Using China’s definition of “bad behaviour” as a benchmark they determined that “at least a quarter of the people we surveyed would be penalised under a social credit system operating under the same principals as the scheme active in China and the one being proposed in Germany.”

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