Howard Stern Doesn’t Care About ‘New York Post’ Criticism From Ex-Staff

Clapping back! Howard Stern responded to the former staffers made to The New York Post last week and is unbothered by the harsh claims!

“The New wrote an article that I’m a scumbag,” said Tuesday, December 15.

“I swear to you, I don’t spend a minute worrying about it. I couldn’t give a f**k what people think about me,” he told his listeners. “You don’t like me, you don’t wanna work for me. Go f**k yourself. I don’t . I, at the end of the night, sleep fine.”

Stern also said that in any organization there are people who are “disgruntled.”


This came after former employees told the Post that Stern was a cold penny-pincher. One such allegation was about a longtime show engineer, Scott Salem who asked for permission to set up a GoFundMe to help finance his late wife’s steep medical bills after he died of cancer.

“This has really bothered me. It’s ­really sad. His wife ends up dying. doesn’t even go downstairs and offer Scott his condolences,”  John “Stuttering John” Melendez, told the Post. “Everyone falls from grace with Howard.”

Salem reportedly was moved to another floor of the studio and Stern wasn’t happy when he began to be questioned about why he didn’t help Salem to foot the bill. 


“For the record, Scott never bad mouthed Howard to me. Prob cuz he’s afraid & classy. But I’m Unafraid & classless So I say. Shame on u Howard,” Artie Lange tweeted in 2018. “Ask yourself why all of ur ex loyal servants hate u! Just sad.”

Other employees said that Stern was “Worse than Ellen [DeGeneres],” while Steve Grillo stayed on the show after his college internship was over and “From 1992 until 1997, I was just working for free still as an ‘intern.’ That’s what my title was. But I was definitely a producer. The amount of responsibilities I had was through the roof,” he said. “That’s slave labor. I was a slave. You can’t have people work 60 hours a week and not pay them.”

Melendez, who was also an unpaid intern for the first several years he worked on the show, said that his law dropped when Stern said on air that DeGeneres should lean into her poor treatment of staff.


If anybody should own it, it should be him. All the abuse he gave us and all the bullying. You take what is given or you’re gone.”

Melendez is currently suing Sirius for using his old material without permission. 

The whispers of Stern not being the best employer are nothing new as back in 2009 when criticism was made about Stern by an ex-employee, he labeled them as a “backstabbing c**t” on air. 

Stern recently extended his contract with SiriusXM for another five years, weeks before his previous one was due to expire, and is reportedly worth over $100 million-per-year.

“I’ve been proven right about satellite radio over and over again,” Stern said when he announced the extension. “With this contract renewal, I can’t wait to see what else I’ll be right about.”




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