Hundreds of Dutch Schools Forced to Serve Insects and Mealworms to Children

Klaus Schwab’s WEF agenda is being rolled out in the Netherlands, as farmland is seized by the “infiltrated” government and schools are forced to serve insects and mealworms to children.

In a Twitter video the project in which insects are served in 100 schools reveals how children are being introduced to the “new normal” of the Great Reset.

It is not known whether their parents agreed to these questionable nutritional experiments. It’s a tried and tested method to introduce behavioral change through uninhibited children.

The Dutch news site rtvoost reported that children were being encouraged to eat mealworms on the menu of canteens of a hundred primary schools in Overijssel.

After initial hesitation, the pupils of the Octopus primary school in Zwolle carefully put the worms in their mouths. And as they try the unfamiliar food, only a few find it appetizing. The “teaching pack” on nutrition however is presented as “healthy and sustainable eating”.

At Octopus school, mealworms were not the only item on the menu. The Grade 7 pupils could also try dishes with lupine worms and other insects.

FreeWestMedia report: The Province of Overijssel made one hundred of these teaching packs available to one hundred primary schools throughout the region, known as the Taste Mission Adventurous Proteins, as part of the Dutch Food Week campaign by farmers and gardeners. The teaching pack was developed in collaboration with Wageningen University & Research (WUR).

The (dis)information campaign has been overwhelming. Member of Parliament Gert Harm ten Bolscher from the Reformed Political Party (SGP) saw the Octopus experiment as an opportunity to exit the provincial government building and try the new menu for himself.

With manipulative formulations, insects are presented as wholesome, desirable, and even tasty food. In doing so, they openly admit that by manipulating children, the new “food” could gain approval. Not a word is mentioned about toxins, pollutants and parasites associated with breeding insects.

The “taste week” – proposed as a stand-alone experiment – may soon become reality. Some agricultural sections have already been converted to insect production and the choice is presented as a solution to the “world’s food problem“.

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