‘Hurtful Comments’: British Police Visit Woman For ‘Disrespecting Pedophiles’ on Social Media

A woman who made “hurtful” comments about pedophiles on the internet has been visited by police who accused her of being “untoward about pedophiles on YouTube,” according to reports.

Kelly J. Keane (known to many as Posie Parker) says that police officers from Wiltshire Constabulary were seeking to enter her property, without a warrant, following a report that Keane had posted some “disrespectful words” about pedophiles on the internet.

According to Keane, the officers stated that she had been reported for a “criminal offense“, but refused to specify exactly which crime she allegedly committed. Mrs. Keane asked if she was being accused of a “hate crime” or a “non-crime hate incident” but, again, the officers were vague about which law she was supposed to have broken.

When Keane asked what specifically she had done that could possibly warrant two police officers to come to her house, one of the officers responded:

“You have been untoward about pedophiles on YouTube.”

There was a time, and it wasn’t that long ago, that being a pedophile was seen as the lowest of the low. Now, however, the police don’t bother with investigating these individuals in modern Britain, but rather spend their time harassing anyone who says anything “hurtful” about them.

Who exactly are these police working for?

They certainly aren’t protecting the citizens of the UK and their children.


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