Ilhan Omar: Anti-War Protestors Are Dangerous ‘White Supremacists’

Far-left Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar slammed anti-war protestors during a town hall on Thursday, declaring that they are ‘white supremacists.’

Rep. Ilhan Omar held a town hall Thursday night in Richfield, Minnesota, where she was confronted by an audience member over her support of the Ukraine war. Michael Tracy observed of a video clip of the exchange, “Pressed on her Ukraine war position for what may be the first time since February, Ilhan Omar just starts incoherently scream-crying”…. reports: “You are supposed to be a progressive democrat! Anti-war! Anti-war!” – a protester can be heard shouting during her talk. She then responded: “We are helping Ukraine defend themselves…”

“$80 billion to Ukraine is not anti war” – the man continued interrupting. She then struggled to explain as tensions in the room grew that the aid is saving Ukrainian lives amid the Russian onslaught. 

Immediately after the town hall incident in which Omar was called a “warmonger” she took to Twitter to denounce the activists as “dangerous propagandists”.

“I am sorry, you all aren’t ‘anti-war protesters,’ you are dangerous propagandists who are literally making a mockery of the anti-war movement,” she wrote in a pair of tweets.

She added: “I have never had the pleasure of responding to [Russia’s] ridiculous internet disinformation in person before. Thank you for the opportunity”

She defended her yes votes in support of massive US aid to Ukraine as not at all ‘promoting war’. “I am amazed at the nerve that some people have to not be upset with the country literally waging war, but at the country defending itself and those helping them do that,” the Minnesota Democrat commented additionally.

And further: “I was even told by one of these people tonight, ‘it’s America that started the Russia war,’ seriously wtf,” she said in the aftermath.

But some have noted that seven months ago, and early on in the Russian invasion, Rep Omar was tweeting about how dangerous it would be to flood Ukraine with West-supplied weapons…

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