Inside Job: CIA Gave Germany Heads Up About Pipeline Attack Weeks Ago

The CIA warned German authorities that a planned attack on a gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea was imminent just a few weeks ago.

According to a report by German magazine Der Spiegel, several German government officials were tipped off from the US spy agency about the attack during the summer. reports: As we highlighted yesterday, Germany’s initial response to the incident was that it was likely to be a “targeted attack” carried out by either Russia or Ukraine.

German investigators concluded that attack had to be deliberate because it would have been carried out by special forces, navy divers or a submarine which were able to reach the bottom of the sea and place mines or explosives.

Although not ruling out that the attack could have been a Russian “false flag,” the only perceived motive would have been to “blame other parties for the incident,” Der Spiegel reported, while acknowledging that a “permanent interruption of gas supplies from Russia” would be in Ukraine’s interest.”

Ukraine has inevitably blamed Russia, although why Moscow would sabotage two pipelines that weren’t even transporting gas to Europe remains a mystery.

Others have suggested the U.S. is to blame, including former Polish Defense Minister, Radek Sikorski, who appeared to thanks Washington for carrying out the attack in a tweet.

As Chris Menahan explains, Sikorski is married to arch-neocon Anne Applebaum and attended the Bilderberg meeting earlier this year, meaning he is very much part of the global elite.

“If the CIA bombed these civilian pipelines that’s an insane act of war that will further devastate Europe’s economy and risk a full-blown war with Russia,” he writes.

However, Poland’s Secretary of State, Stanislaw Zaryn, accused Sikorki of amplifying “Russian propaganda.”

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