Instagram Girl Almost Dies While Attempting Yoga Move Over Water

The worst part about this whole thing, if she wouldn’t have survived would they have been able to get the footage up to the Gram?! If not, it would have all been for nothing.

According to DailyMail: Fitness enthusiast Chisa Tolbertson decided her trek in Colorado USA wasn’t quite zen enough, deciding to stop for a quick stretching session.

With water rushing past her on the riverbank, she decided the best place to find inner peace would be on a precariously placed log acting as a makeshift bridge.

After setting up a camera to capture what she no doubt hoped would be an inspiring display, she scuttles expertly across the wood in a crab pose.

All is well until she reaches the centre, when she decides to go for a more ambitious pose, raising one leg in the air.

Her struggle to remain composed goes badly wrong as she slips suddenly and crashes into the water below after flipping sideways off the log.

She hits the water headfirst before the current carries her 30ft down the slope, when she was able to pull herself back onto the bank.

‘I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t think I was capable of pulling it off but accidents happen.

‘Luckily I washed up on the riverbank probably about 30 feet from where I fell with no injuries other than broken acrylic nails and a bruised ego.

‘After the initial fear wore off though I found it wildly funny that I captured such an embarrassing moment on video.’

Check out the video below:

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