Instagram Girl "WoahVicky" Hires Lady On The Internet To Prove Her "Blackness"

What a time to be alive! Does she really think people are going to keep believing this nonsense? I guess all the times she is leading the people on she is growing her following. Classic plan.

Next she will have the #1 song on the charts.

This weekend we posted: This girl needs her mins of fame to die off quicker. “oh but you posting about her just makes her more famous.” She is pulling in millions of views with or without this post. Moral of the story… SHE IS WACK!

Also, where did that tat on her face go?!

Well, she is back. Just like that, pissing more people off.

Now she is back in the “news” which is what I call social media these days for posting this video with the caption: ” My auntie”

People still don’t seem to be buying it.


One because you can buy testimonials online for $5 and they will say anything, and two the lady seems to be checking some notes on the table.

If this really is her aunt, I and the 1000’s of other people in the comments will say sorry:

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