Investigation Launched After Arkansas Judge Found Dead At Bottom Of Mud Lake

Arkansas Judge Jeremiah T. Bueker was found dead at the bottom of a Mud Lake in Jefferson County on Sunday. He was 48.

The judge was spending time with relatives and friends during a “recreational” outing over the weekend when he ventured off alone, authorities said.

His family called 911 after they couldn’t find him on Saturday.

After an extensive search by the County Sheriff’s Deputies, Judge Bueker’s body was found at 9:16 on Sunday morning.

The Gateway Pundit reports: Authorities believe he tried to go swimming alone in the lake.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office released a statement on Sunday:


BODY OF ARKANSAS COUNTY NORTHERN DISTRICT COURT JUDGE LOCATED, RECOVERED IN LAKE: Jefferson County, Arkansas – August 7, 2022 – The body of Arkansas County Northern District Judge Jeremiah T. Bueker, 48 has been recovered.

Bueker, several family members and friends spent their weekend in Jefferson County, Arkansas as part of their recreational travel. At some point during their outing, Bueker reportedly ventured off alone. After time had passed and no one had seen or heard from Bueker, worry began to set in. A search for Bueker by family and friends began.

Bueker was last seen near Mud Lake, which channels into the Arkansas River just north of Achorn Drive in Reydell, Arkansas. Unable to immediately locate Bueker and well past sunset, Bueker’s Family called 9-1-1.

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