Irish Gov’t Begins Jailing People Who Refuse To Use ‘Gender-Neutral Pronouns’

The Irish government has begun arresting and jailing citizens who refuse to use gender-neutral pronouns.

A Christian teacher in Ireland has become the first victim of the authoritarian new rules and will spend his Christmas in prison.

Enoch Burke was jailed in September after refusing to obey a court order to stay away from Wilson’s Hospital School in County Westmeath, Ireland, a school he teaches at. reports: His school told him to stay away in August after he was suspended on full pay for refusing to address a transitioning student as ‘they’ rather than ‘he,’ citing his devout Christian beliefs, which he maintained are against ‘transgenderism’.

But Mr Burke ignored the order and continued to attend school, leading to his arrest.

Mr Burke pleaded with the judge over video link today from Mountjoy Prison, Dublin, to let him out for the festive period.

He told Mr Justice Conor Digham he was ‘not a thief, a murderer or a drug dealer’ and that he was being imprisoned because of his Christian beliefs.

But the judge refused to release Mr Burke as he was not willing to comply with the court order.

However, Mr Burke can be released at any point so long as he purges his contempt before the court.

He told the court that he would not do so as this would be reneging on his duty to God and his core Christian beliefs.

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