Is Teresa Giudice Axed From ‘RHONJ’ After Starting Rumor? She’s ‘Trying To Stay Relevant’

Real Housewives of New Jersey legend Teresa Giudice is determined to keep her spot on the beloved Bravo series — even if it means creating a little drama to

In the explosive season 11 premiere of , spread a that she “heard” fellow castmate Jackie Goldschneider’s husband, Evan, was cheating on her. However, sources have since shut down the allegation, claiming it isn’t true at all.

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Giudice revealed on the show that she heard Evan “screws around” with other women at his gym, but didn’t go into detail on specifics. Goldschneider later confronted Giudice about the “baseless rumor” and set the record straight that her husband is faithful to her.

Sources dished that Giudice is terrified of being fired from the hit reality series, so she’s looking to “stir the pot” to stay in the limelight. “She’s being watched by the network,” the source explained. “She had zero proof [that he cheated] and made up the story because Bravo has been getting rid of original Housewives.”

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The brunette bombshell has been a staple of RHONJ since the show first aired in 2009, which is great for fan recognition, but also comes at a price. “[She’s] too expensive and they can filter through different women,” the source continued, noting that Giudice is “desperately trying to stay relevant.”

is the highest paid Housewife,” the insider added. “If they get rid of her, it’s because they pay her too much and her act is no longer worth it, but she’s been a franchise favorite forever.”

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