It’s “Deeply Dangerous” To Cover “Both Sides” Of A Story Says MSNBC Reporter

It is “deeply dangerous” for a news network to cover “both sides” of any story according to MSNBC reporter

During an interview with former NYT reporter Ben Smith on Wednesday, Hasan declared: “There are two words we need to remove from our media vocabulary right now and that is ‘both sides”

He continued, “This fundamental crutch, this reliance on ‘both sides’ as a kind of lazy way of covering our political moment is deeply dangerous.”

Hasan went even further to claim “There are a bunch of major issues on which there are not both sides” He stated “There are not both sides on climate change. There are not both sides on white supremacy. There are not both sides to democracy. Ben, there are not both sides on the Holocaust.”

Hasan then asserted that “On the big issues of our time, on whether people should be able to vote, on whether they should be able to get to a ballot box, on whether one party should be able to overturn elections, no there are not both sides”

As Summit News notes: There are “both sides” to the idea that there is a civil war already underway though right? Because that is what MSNBC has been doing for the past month since Joe Biden labelled half the country “semi-fascist” and then a violent extremist threat to the soul of the nation.

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