Jacinda Ardern Left Reeling After Coroner Rules New Zealand Man Died From ‘Dangerous’ COVID Jab

Young Global Leader Jacinda Ardern was left reeling this week after a Coroner ruled that a New Zealand man’s death was the result of her ‘dangerous’ mandatory Covid-19 jab.

According to Coroner Sue Johnson’s initial decision, 26-year-old Dunedin plumber Rory Nairn’s death on November 17, 2021, at his home was the direct result from the jab he’d received just a few days prior.

“Given the public interest in whether or not Rory’s death was related to the Covid-19 vaccination he received on 5 November 2021, I consider it important to make public my findings as to the cause of Rory’s death as soon as I established it,” Johnson said in the ruling.

“I am satisfied from the written evidence I have received, and the oral evidence heard at inquest that I have sufficient evidence to now establish the following: A. Where Rory died; B. When Rory died; C. The cause of Rory’s death,” Johnson added.

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Infowars.com reports: 1 News reports Johnson was able to make the determination after hearing from pathologist Dr. Noelyn Hung, who noticed Nairn had suffered myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) and pericarditis (inflammation of the lining of the heart) upon inspection.

Hung also described Nairn’s heart as “soft and pale” during her examination, adding the determination of death by myocarditis was reached via a “diagnosis by exclusion” process, eliminating other possible factors which may have caused heart muscle or pericardium inflammation.

“Johnson accepted Hung’s medical opinion that the direct cause of Nairn’s death was acute myocarditis – consistent with vaccine-related myocarditis,” 1 News reports.

According to details divulged at the inquest, Rory had reportedly just purchased a home with his fiancé when he decided to get the vaccine.

“The inquiry heard [fiancé Ashleigh] Wilson and Mr Nairn had been out for breakfast to celebrate buying their dream home when he made an impromptu decision to get the jab,” reports Dunedin newspaper the Otago Daily Times.

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