Jack Nicholson ‘Resigned To Spending The Rest Of His Life Alone’: Source

He was once Hollywood’s biggest bon vivant, but Jack Nicholson has become a total hermit, and friends are concerned that he’s harder to get a hold of than ever, an insider tells OK!

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’s shut himself away in his hilltop home on Mulholland Drive, and everyone is worried about his state of mind,” the insider shares. 

The iconic actor — who was last seen in public looking disheveled at a January 2020 Lakers game — “says he just wants to spend his retirement in peace and quiet. But his loved ones wish he’d make himself a little more accessible,” the insider explains. “Jack’s admitted that he yearns for one last romance, but how can that happen when he’s hiding at home?” 

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Jack attends the Golden Globe Awards on January 25, 2004.

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“Jack’s always loved women. He still does, and he makes no apologies for that,” an OK! insider previously shared, noting that many of the star’s romances ended on bad terms. 

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The star turned 84 on April 22, “and it’s as if he’s to the of his alone,” adds the insider. “It’s so sad, but it seems there’s nothing anyone can do for him.”

Nicholson’s reclusive nature has raised eyebrows in the last few months. Late last year, a source told OK! that the actor never really goes out “with the exception of an occasional Lakers game.”

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“Jack was the biggest star in town, and then he suddenly went M.I.A. with no explanation,” the source said.

The source added that the three-time Oscar winner had lost interest in the limelight. Instead, “He spends his days watching TV reruns, classic movies, and sports — and snacking,” the insider continued, noting that he’s finally eating what he wants after years of dieting for a variety of roles. As a result of his eating habits, the actor has “gained some weight — which is another reason he doesn’t like to go out.”

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