‘Jackass 4’ Team Trying To Get Help For Bam Margera

The 4 is reportedly to get help for Bam Margera after he posted a series of concerning videos last week, according to Variety.

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In since-deleted Instagram videos, which were captured by TMZ, said “Who the f*ck cares if I’m drunk as hell or not anymore?” Margera claimed that he was cut from the movie and pondered if they would steal his ideas.  

Margera also said that if anyone care about him they would boycott Jackass 4 and donate money so he could find his own rival film. 

Jackass has put me through f*cking hell on f*cking wheels for the past year and a half,” he said in the 10-minute rant. Margera also said that his wife, Nikki Boyd, found him looking up how to tie a noose but he improved when he stopped taking the medication he was reportedly forced to take on past projects and moved to San Diego. 

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The next day the 41-year-old confirmed that he was suffering with manic bipolar disorder. “It’s going to be f*cking awesome, and it’s going to be in a way where everyone wins in the end. So I love everybody,” he said in the new video about Jackass 4 and said he was going to see a “bipolar specialist.”

However, as previously reported by OK! Margera was still let go by the project.as he did not stick to the conditions given to him. 

Although the Jackass team wanted Margera on board, he was reportedly given rules and restrictions he needed to follow to remain in production due to his history with substance use and erratic behavior, which meant he had to stay sober and see a psychologist while on set. 

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Sources said that early on while filming Jackass 4, Margera, who was monitored by a wellness coach, went AWOL and the team later found out that he checked himself into a rehab facility in Florida, Variety reported.

Margera has been in rehab several times and took the death of his friend and Jackass co-star Ryan Dunn in 2011 hard. 

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It is not yet known how much footage features Margera and if it will make its way into the final cut. The source said that due to the coronavirus pandemic, the new film is still be assembled and there may be more shooting to do.

With the Jackass 4 team reportedly trying to get Margera help, fans have also been sending their support on social media. 

“Watching Margera’s spiral of depression on Instagram is horrible to see,” one fan lamented. 

“that bam margera video really makes my soul hurt. that man gave us so many laughs. he deserves help. idk man. its just really sad,” another said. 

“I’m still waiting to hear all the details but I am absolutely heartbroken for @BAM__MARGERA stay strong Bam Bam, sending you love. Always rooting for you,” a third fan tweeted. 

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Jackass 4 is slated for release on September 3, 2021. 

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