Jared Leto as ‘Morbius’ Promises a Dark, Uncompromising Thrill Ride

We finally got our first real look at Jared Leto as comic book “living vampire” Morbius, thanks to a new trailer that debuted today. The Spider-Man spin-off is a dark and dangerous take on the typical superhero movie, and as such it looks like it’s going to be a pretty entertaining time. What makes it so is the fact that it looks more akin to a rendition of Dracula than a superhero flick. And with plenty of comic book plots to draw from, it may have the chops to pull this new style off.

With the new Morbius trailer under our belts, it’s time to watch and rewatch the new footage until it’s finally time to slip into the theater, don our best vampire bat suits, and curl up into our seats to watch this weird origin story unfold. This release will mark the second film as part of Sony’s Marvel Universe, and as such it will definitely feel a bit different than what fans may have gotten used to from the MCU. With that said, it still looks very promising, from the cinematography alone. 

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