Jimmy Kimmel Trolls Accused Sexual Predator Roy Moore’s Rally

I love a good trolling and Kimmel is known for getting people good. He is in the middle of a Twitter war with Roy Moore and sent a comedian to his rally.

The country got one of its strangest Trump era Twitter feuds yet earlier today when a spat broke out between popular late-night host Jimmy Kimmel and Republican Senate candidate and serial pedophile Roy Moore.

The Senate candidate was angry that a writer for Jimmy Kimmel Live! had traveled south to crash a Moore campaign rally that was disguised as church service. The writer was protesting the serial predator’s ongoing Senate campaign, and the incident was caught on camera:

Last night in Alabama there was a rally for Senate hopeful Roy Moore and for some reason they held it at a church. Luckily, on hand to lend his support and to file a report was our friend Jake Byrd, who really likes Roy Moore a lot.

Comedian Tony Barbieri, known for his skewering of Donald Trump rallies during the 2016 presidential run, showed up at a Roy Moore campaign event on Wednesday night in Mobile County, Alabama.

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