Jimmy Savile Investigator Is Working On Case Against ‘Very Significant’ Pedophile Who ‘Might Only Be Named When He Dies’

The investigator who uncovered Jimmy Savile’s prolific pedophilia says that he is has been working with police, for some time, to expose a ‘very significant’ person who has, so far evaded justice because he is “untouchable”

Mark Williams-Thomas, the former police detective-turned-TV journalist claims that it may end up that this other well known person will only be named when he actually dies.

The Mail Online reports: Williams-Thomas was the leading investigator on the ITV Exposure documentary, The Other Side of Jimmy Savile, which revealed how one of Britain’s most loved entertainers systematically and disturbingly preyed upon young and vulnerable girls

The award-winning film, broadcast just over a decade ago on 3 October 2012 – a year after Savile’s death – prompted hundreds of other unheard victims to come forward with their experiences. 

In the documentary,  five women stated that they had been sexually abused by Savile as teenagers. This exposure of Savile as a paedophile led to extensive media coverage, including 41 days on the front pages.

The film led to the Met Police’s Operation Yewtree investigation, which ultimately resulted in sexual abuse convictions for multiple celebrity personalities.  

By October 2015, 19 people had been arrested by Operation Yewtree; seven of those arrests led to convictions.

However Williams-Thomas, a child protection expert has expressed his frustration that his pursuit of one high-profile target has so far been thwarted.

‘There are still people out there who are untouchable,’ the former Surrey Police and family liaison officer told i.

‘There is one very significant person who I’ve done everything to try and get prosecuted because he is clearly a child sex offender.’

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