Joe Rogan Bombshell: ‘Vatican Is Filled with Satanic Pedophiles’

Podcaster Joe Rogan has slammed the Catholic Church by declaring that the Vatican is “filled with pedophiles” who worship Satan.

The popular Spotify host tore into the Holy See during a recent episode featuring guests Francis Foster and Konstantin Kisin.

During a discussion about culture and outrage, the conversation turned to the Vatican, which Rogan declared is “a country filled with pedophiles and stolen art.” reports: “Even the outrage about things you should be outraged about, like Jeffrey Epstein, that outrage was balanced. Right? Sort of. Right?” Rogan began.

Rogan noted that the outrage over deceased sex trafficker Epstein was more or less universal.

“But what about the Catholic church?” he asked.

“Like why isn’t everybody really freaking out about — I was just in Italy and one of the things that’s nuts is the Vatican is a country.

“It’s a country filled with pedophiles,” he said.

“It’s a country filled with pedophiles and stolen art. It’s a small, like hundred yard — Like what is it?

“A hundred acres, I think. Yeah.

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