Joy Behar Urges Everyone to Vote Democrat in Midterms Even If You ‘Can’t Put Food on the Table’

Joy Behar has trashed American voters as “sad and depressing” for looking to the Republican Party to solve the country’s problems, despite the fact the Biden administration has presided over record-breaking inflation, leaving many people struggling to put food on the table.

In a message to Americans ahead of the crucial midterm elections, The View co-host seemed to be resigning herself to heavy Democrat losses in November, while warning viewers that “the Republican Party is not going to help you.”

Behar’s comments come as fears continue to spread among the Left of a punishing red wave in November.

“Well, what’s depressing is that the New York Times released a poll today that says that 70% of voters agree that democracy is under threat,” Behar said.

“But only 7% of voters rank a threat to democracy as a major issue this election cycle. I find that so depressing, I can’t begin to tell you.

“The Republican Party is happy to let corporations never pay another tax the rest of their days, they will cut Social Security, they’re going to cut lunches for children. They are not going to help you, so why would you vote for them?

“And yet, I see that it’s very close, that people are not understanding what the stakes are. And I find it, I find it sad and depressing.”

Behar did acknowledge that inflation is a concern for those who “can’t put food on the table.”

However, Behar refused to blame Democrat President Joe Biden for the parlous state of the economy.

Nevertheless, she seemed resigned to a Democrat wipeout in November.

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