Judge Allows Pedophile To Serve Prison Sentence on Weekends ‘At His Convenience’

An Oregon man who was found guilty of encouraging child sexual abuse has received a slap on the wrist from the judge who sentenced the pedophile to just 90 days in prison and allowed him to serve his time behind bars “at his own convenience.”

On Wednesday, 27-year-old Scott Johnson of St. Helens, about 30 miles north of Portland, plead guilty to three counts of encouraging child sexual abuse in the first degree.

The police report stated that Johnson was caught with a collection of videos of children being violently raped and tortured. The guilty plea represented the culmination of a two-year investigation.

The police probe began when the state Department of Justice alerted local authorities that child pornography had been uploaded on a messaging app in the St. Helens area.

Investigators then zeroed in on Johnson as a suspect and seized his phone, a police statement said.

A forensic investigation of the phone revealed that it contained child pornography. The nature of the evidence on the phone was particularly heinous. The video involved the “graphic sexual abuse and torture of young girls,” Fox News reported.

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Slay reports: When questioned, Johnson told authorities that “sometimes people will send him a message asking him if he wants to see something” and that they then sent him that material.

Investigators determined that Johnson received a series of links and continued to click on all of them, even after he knew that they would direct him to child porn. In an effort to reach a plea deal, Columbia County prosecutors offered Johnson a 60-month sentence.

However, Johnson rejected that offer and decided to take his chances with the judge.

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