Jusin Trudeau Says ‘Climate Change’ Will Make It Easier For Russia to Attack Canada

Justin Trudeau has described “climate change” as being a threat to Canadian national security.

The Canadian prime minister made his comments during a press conference in Cold Lake, Alberta on Friday. He claimed that global warming would increase Russia’s military “accessibility” to Canada’s Arctic north.

Trudeau was joined by NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg to talk about (what they called) the dangers of “climate change” to the “security” of Canada, the United States, and Europe.

Breitbart reports: Canadian military personnel, Trudeau claimed, must change their methods of operation to deal with changing terrain due to “climate change,” which he described as a “risk multiplier” amplifying the likelihood of armed conflict around the world.

He remarked:

Stoltenberg used “climate change” as a substitute for claims of anthropogenic global warming, which he alleged is melting Arctic ice. He remarked, “Climate change is making the High North more important, because the ice is melting, and it becomes more accessible both for economic activity and for military activity.”

“Security challenges in the High North are exaggerated by climate change,” Stoltenberg added. “Climate change will require us to transform — fundamentally — our approach to security and defense.”

Trudeau echoed Stoltenberg’s claims that “climate change” makes Canada and Europe more accessible to military threats from Russia:

“Climate change” was mentioned 11 times in total by both Trudeau and Stoltenberg across the half-hour press conference.

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