‘Just Stop Oil’ Activists Admit Using Petrol Cars: “We’re NOT Hypocrites”

Leading activists with climate change group Just Stop Oil have admitted that they regularly drive petrol cars, but still insist that this does NOT make them hypocrites.

“Dr Larch Maxey, 50, a climate scientist from the eco group, said some members still drive cars and fill up with petrol – but rejected the idea that it was hypocritical,” the Telegraph reports.

Summit.news reports: According to activist leaders, they are “victims” of the “fossil fuel economy.”

Maxey says that people who call for the oil industry to be shut down but then drive petrol cars shouldn’t be called out for hypocrisy because they’re “just doing our best within that to push for the necessary change.”

The implication that the activists are forced to drive petrol cars because there’s no other option is absurd given Britain’s vast public transport network, as well as the fact that virtually all major towns and cities are now festooned with cycle lanes.

What’s next?

“I’m a vegan who eats meat, but I’m not a hypocrite.”

Last year, it was revealed that the leader of Insulate Britain, another Extinction Rebellion offshoot, doesn’t even insulate his own home and indeed “doesn’t care” about insulating homes.

The truth is, they’re all hypocrites who care more about attention-seeking and social media clout than they do the actual cause they’re supposed to be fighting for.

Do as we say, not as we do.

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