“Justin & Rishi” Suck Up To Zelensky During Phone Call

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and his Canadian counterpart Justin Trudeau made a weird joint phone call to Ukrainian President Zelensky on the same day that he falsely accused Russia of firing missiles into Poland.

The Twitter account of the unelected British PM posted the strangely edited video showing himself and Trudeau fawning over Zelensky.

Summit News reports: The video is edited oddly so that none of Zelensky’s responses are included. In fact, he may not have even been on the other end of the phone as far as the viewer is concerned.

The only content included is “Justin and Rishi” sucking up to Zelensky.

“It’s Rishi and Justin, I really wanted to you to hear from us as friends,” Trudeau begins before Sunak states “we absolutely know how difficult yesterday was, it was horrific for you and your country.”

What was horrific? The fact that his own missile went off course, or was purposefully sent that way, and killed a couple of Polish farmers, and then he lied about it on TV in an apparent attempt to start world war three?

“We have called it out in the session and the media this morning,” Sunak continued, describing the incident as “yet more barbarity from the Russians.”

Translation: the pair of them went along with and repeated the massive dangerous lie.

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