K-9 Hilariously Ruins Official Photoshoot, Refuses To Follow Orders And Cuddles His Favourite Officer

When Indiana Officer Levi Knach had been called in for his official department photograph. Looking smart and dressed to impress, Officer Knach has his badge polished and his tie straightened ready for his portrait. However, it was the police dog photo that stole the show.

But when he went towards the photo shoot, Officer Knach had no idea that his K-9 companion would end up becoming the star of the shoot. Somehow he managed Knach had his spotlight taken from him in the most hilarious way.

Officer Knach and his police dog photo shoot ended up taking a turn

The K-9 officer, Kenobi, joined Officer Knach for the portrait. He sat beside him looking proud, with his badge proudly hanging from his neck. But that doesn’t mean that Kenobi is quite “photo ready”. But it makes for a very humorous montage.

The two wanted to convey a professional persona in their official photo but the photos that ended up being taken are far from their goal.

I have to give props to the dog. Kenobi manages to stay seated next to the officer for the duration of the photos, but actually capturing the moment was more of a challenge for the photographer.

Officer Knach manages to stay professional throughout the pictures but Kenobi the K-9 companion can’t quite hold the same composure.

Kenobi may be a dedicated police dog, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t still have a playful and loving personality.

The photographer was unable to get a serious photograph in the end as Kenobi kept moving as he clicked the shutter. Still, it’s hard not to love these photos, I think every single outtake should be hung up in the Indiana office.

This has to be the greatest police dog photo of all time.

Don’t forget to watch the video of the hilarious moment Officer Knach and his K-9 companion get their official department photos below. Also, at Hiptoro we love hearing all of your opinions. So please let us know what you thought of the article in the comment section below. 🐝


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